Friday, December 18, 2009


One of the questions I got asked when I posted the giveaway (Which by the way winners, packages will finally arrive for New Years, I hope. Thrifting can be a little challenging out here in the boonies...) was about the two separate blogs I have.

Originally I kept my other blog for personal observations on, for the lack of a better word, popular culture; that is music, literature and cinema, among other things. When I moved to the United States 11 months ago, I decided to keep this little log on my new life here.

Unfortunately, my new life being considerably busier than my old one, this has led me to neglect both blogs. I've felt that I can't post on one without posting on the other and so have often opted to not post at all. Lately I've also felt strongly that I'd like to post a blog in my native Finnish, which would make three blogs in total. Needless to say no good can come of this...

So-o here's what I decided to do. I'm going to move the content of this blog into the my other blog. This will be fun because I've often run parallel posts in the two anyway. I'll also start
posting a separate blog in Finnish for my friends back home, mostly about the more life-style-y content of this blog.

How's about it?

Also I had my hair temporarily straightened. Speaking of changes.

Friday, December 11, 2009

I hope you dance.

I haven't, but have been skating on ponds under the stars, finishing my yellow cowl, making packages, embroidering, taking saunas.
Walking in forgotten places.
And drinking copious amounts of hot chocolate with copious amounts of whip cream on top.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Mushrooms, Light Houses and Free Museums!

My husband, as previously noted, is quite the amateur mycologist. If you see pictures from our trips that feature people (other than us two, obviously), buildings, curiosities in larger scale, they are often taken by yours truly. Beautiful, detailed shots of tree skins, lichens and mushrooms (and yours truly obviously ;) are mostly his handiwork.

So when we got to Cape Disappointment and it turned out to be quite an mushroom-extravaganza he couldn't have been happier. Though picking was forbidden (there must be some magic ones out there, because mushroom is just the fruit of an underground organism, and picking those doesn't hurt it much), he got many a lovely shot.

Including these spooky-scary alien ones.

For me Cape Disappointment turned out to be worthy of its name, in spite hot showers and the half-white deer we saw, because the trail to the light house was closed half-way. This makes it two times we haven't been able to see the damn table lamp. At least C. is pushing for another vacation there, because of all the shroominess.
Luckily there are two towns near by: Il Waco, which proudly calls itself The Best Little Town In Washington, and where C.'s grandma grew up, and Long Beach, home to, well, a really long beach and, more importantly Marsh's Free Museum!

Part nick-nack store (one and perhaps the original of many many in this little tourist town), part curiosity show, complete with hundred dollar sea shells, stuffed wildebeasts, mechanical canaries and of course Jake the Alligator-Man, Marsh's Free Museum is well-worth spending some time, as well as nickels and dimes in olden-time-y peep machines.

Generally I'm not a huge fan of dead animals, but will make exception for things older than my great grandma.
Politically incorrect music boxes.

Imported french canaries.
The sultan's harem and naughty secretary.
And the Ruler of the Animal Kingdom. Long before there was genetic manipulation, there was:


Next we head to Astoria: the home of the Finnish Americans, many labor unions and the Goonies.