Saturday, November 21, 2009

What have you been doing?

Well, personally, I've been busier than it would appear from this here picture.

I did Dump-find me some new Justins, but mostly I've been:

Hanging out in tattoo parlors.
Identifying mystery shrooms.
(fluted elfin saddle)
Going to the Cat's wake.

Helping out with invisibility cloaks, goblins, courtiers and goddesses at our local Shakespeare performance.

Enjoying fall bounty.

Taking pictures of horses again.

And decorating.

(Thanks Jen!)


  1. Lots of variation in those activities. How do you go about identifying your mushrooms? My dream is to be able to forage edible mushrooms, but if I were to do so now it'd be asking for near certain death. I guess I'll have to join a mycology club!

  2. I have been busy too! I also just read The Monsters of Templeton and it made me think of you.

  3. Looks like the fun kind of busy, and score on the Justins! With a name like fluted elfin saddle, that mushroom must be magical, are they edible?

    I have finally begun tackling the insane clean up, situate, and organize project that is my home! Trying to get things settled to the point where I can actually work on the fun part, home decorating (love your print btw :)

  4. Sounds perty busy to me. A fluted elfin saddle mushroom, who knew ? (Well aside from you of course)

  5. And of course doing it all in style to boot (no pun intended) :) Can't believe some of the great things people dump?

    I've been procrastinating mainly, dreaming of Christmas and reading Little Women for added nostalgia.

  6. I have to say, you live in a beautiful dream world and I hope to live there some day. What a wonderful little part of the states. Where in Washington do you live?

    Natalie xx
    (aka The Cottage in the Woods)