Thursday, November 5, 2009


It's about time I share our wedding celebrations with you guys. A little over a month ago C. and I renewed our wows here on our "home" beach at the park, with his family, my adopted American family, and the more or less the whole Island . The weather was perfect, the people were merry, and wonderful decorations, food, flowers, bridal bouquet, flower headdress, venison, salmon, champagne and even a wedding cake appeared, as though by magic, without us even daring to wish for them. It was the perfect celebration to end the summer, and a perfect wedding day, not because weddings should be perfect, but because it all came together in such a natural, organic way. We felt very loved by our community.

The ceremony was performed by the Honorable Callie Blue of the Universal Church of Life.
In her hands she held a copy of Time Magazine's Love Issue.

"The Priest Wore A Sailor Uniform"
We were walked down "the isle" by Charlie's mom and AnnMarie, who's my dear friend here. Also a random dog walked along.
My bride's maids are the coolest and cutest.

Circle up!
Part of the ceremony was everybody writing these prayer flags for us and then we all strung them together.

Talu and Madrona made us this ah-mazing wedding cake.
My dear friend and mentor Russ salutes us all.

Could you tell I changed right after the ceremony? I just wanted to be comfy and hang out on the beach. Woolen heirloom dresses are no good for dancing around the bonfire. And dance around the bonfire we did. All night.

Wish you could have been there.

(all photos by Gregg Blomberg and Richard Ward)


  1. That is such a beautiful event! Congrats on everything, it looked magickal!

  2. That looks wonderfully fun. You can't go wrong with a flower headdress!

  3. Oh, so so so wonderful!
    Congratulations, dear! What a beautiful ceremony. You look amazing and so happy, I couldn't help by smile too :)
    I love the idea of all the little prayer flags strung together.
    Hope you have a nice day!

  4. Oh man, how gorgeous, what happiness, and so many blessings your way. Thx for sharing those pics!

  5. It does look absolutely magical, thanks for sharing your day with us :)

  6. Eep! It's all so, so beautiful Milla. You, the flower headdress, the bouquet, your amazing traditional dress... ah, I wish I could have been there too.

    I love that you guys just allowed for it to happen the way it was going to happen and were obviously rewarded for that sense of trust. People can get so weird about wanting to control and make everything "perfect" at weddings. The fact that there was a random dog in your wedding procession is pretty awesome in my humble opinion! It's so cool the way your community really made it all come together too.

    Also, I love, love, love the prayer flag idea! Even though I couldn't be there I think I will send up a belated flag to you guys in your package :)

    That last photo of the two of you is awesome, you both look so happy and full of love and loaded (HaHa! I'm totally kidding about that last part, but only the last part! ;)

    May you share beers and happy sunsets together for the rest of your days!

  7. oh, the way he gazes at you,,,love.

  8. Very beautiful pictures of a lovely event, thank you for sharing them with us. Who took the pictures? They are wonderful - the cutting of the cake pic and you two at the beach look like editorial photos. Love the smiles, flowers and your Finnish (?) folk costume.

  9. I agree with everyone's comments. All very beautiful and lovely as can be! From the sailor priest to the dog wedding crasher, it seems to have been a magical day--thanks for sharing. My personal fave is your outfit switcheroo, and your wine glass of beer!!! love that!

  10. Very nice. Its also very nice that you met a man who lives like you. Very nice.

  11. beautiful couple! congratulations!! so sweet!
    xo s

  12. that last photo, so darling, i had to comment again :)

  13. looks like such an amazing time! everyone looks wonderfully happy.

  14. Those little prayer flags are a wonderful idea! You look so beautiful and everyone looks happy.

  15. How beautiful! Congratulations you two lovebirds, it looks like such a gorgeous day :-)

  16. Congratulations! Looks like an amazingly fun time. That cake is gorgeous!

  17. These are BEAUTIFUL! I love you guys!!!

  18. so nice :) thanks for sharing and lots of hapiness for you :)