Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Only love is all maroon

Been crying and sneezy by you.
Thank you for your condolences on the untimely (?) passing of Chacha-kin. Now I had a whole other happier post planned for yesterday, and reading your comments, I was delighted to have thought of it.

Especially, when Andrea asked me if chickens themselves are sentimental about their dead friend. I hardly ever reply to comments, mainly because I have limited internets time, and also because I myself never check back to comments I've left on other people's blogs. I do however enjoy reading them, and appreciate my readers.

So, to answer your question Andrea, the black chicken, Harriet Tubman has been looking for Chacha a lot today, coming onto the porch, making the sound they make when talking to each other. I don't think she's necessarily sad, but I think she knows that they were once three and now are two.

As for that other post topic? Well, I am now declaring a giveaway for my beloved readers of both blogs. A package, thrifted by yours truly, can be yours if you give me suggestions, questions, comments, in this post.

You can enter twice by doing the same on my other blog, once I have the time to do a giveaway post there. The winner will be announced on All-Hallows-Eve, and entry closes by midnight the night before (October 30th).

(I have mundo packaging to do so might as well make a day of it. I owe swaps to at least four people. You know who you are. And Christmas comes early when you live faraway.)

Now for Halloween costume planning.

Looking for the birds by you.


  1. Hey lovely. I took Clover to The Farm today (actually finally left her for awhile and things went well, woohoo freedom!) but before I did I walked around the place and took a bunch of pictures. I thought of Chacha when I was photographing the chickens. I have this endearing image of her trying to "hop the pearly gates" so to speak... hehe. Poor girl, and a big hug to you on that front.

    P.S. No need to include me in your drawing for obvious reasons. I actually went thrifting on my little jaunt today and picked up a silly little thing for you and Charlie. I also have another wee item from the flea market that I should get to you before Halloween if you are indeed going to steal Clover's costume idea from last year although since it was inspired by you in the first place I don't think that counts as stealing!

  2. Your blogs are delightful. I also live in the Pacific Northwest, and enjoy reading about places I am familiar with or learning of new places in the region. Your lifestyle is lovely as well. Thanks for sharing :)

  3. oh! oh! I have a suggestion. *raises hand*

    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see you do a blog post on the dump. Complete with photos & finds! I can't remember if you've already done this and I just missed it, but ever since you explained what it was a while back on flickr I've dreamed about one being here or starting my own anti-store one day :) It also reminds me of my favorite episode of Dharma & Greg (not sure if anyone remembers this) but it was the one where Dharma opened her own "store." But, ofcourse it was not a store at all. Nothing was sold or purchased there. People hung out, drank coffee, played games, if someone had food or drink they shared with others, if someone needed advice people gave it, people could come in out of the rain to dry off and lounge around... it was the best show idea ever :)

    PS: Also, good to know the other chickens are holding up well :) I had heard they are much smarter than people give them credit for, so I wondered.

  4. Hello dear!
    I, too, am in the Pacific Northwest and only a hop, skip and a jump from the islands, in Bellingham. I am so very jealous of your 'dump' for there is nothing of the sort on the mainland! I have make monthly pilgrimages, of a sort, to Seattle for thrifting.

    But anyways, I thought I would use this chance to say hello and how much I enjoy your blog. Makes me wish I was able to live in the islands. Someday, I hope to start a little b&b out there.

    Hope you are enjoying this lovely fall weather!

  5. i'm entering twice as your thrifted finds are so awesome i wanna win! lol!

    second question- what do you love most about your life? i really love knowing about the wee things that make people happy xxx

  6. I always get excited when I see you have a new post! Reading is always a pleasure, and really makes me wish we had thrift stores here (Turkey). There are literally 2 good places to get clothes... one is super inexpensive because it stocks stuff from textile factories that had some small flaw. A lot of H&M stuff... the other is this kind of hippy, Indian inspired, tie dye to the seams place. I LOVE it, but a lot of stuff is expensive. Although, they're having a sale since it's the end of the tourist season... maybe I should go see the prices. Anyway, enough rambling! Like I said, your blog is lovely! I'll say a little prayer for Chacha :) p.s. our chickens have some pretty colorful names too! Matt Hooper and Angus Macgyver, for example. hehe.

  7. I'm entering over here too. I love both your blogs, and am wondering why you decided to keep them separate?

    I second (third) the dump idea!

  8. You should enter my giveaway, too!


  9. I think both of your blogs are awesome! Love all those thrifted finds, lovely pictures and notes on books, music and things :) Always a fun read.

  10. A giveaway, how exciting!

    Thank you for posting about drying apples recently; a friend of mine has an apple tree in her garden, so right now we have more apples than we know what to do with - having rows of them drying throughout the house sounds wonderful!

  11. I also love the fall/autumn;I always feel like a forest creature (like the Brambly Hedge you know these books in the US??) filling my cupboards with thifted jars full of jams and chutneys and other preserves. I love both your blogs,this one for thifty make it style and music and musings on the other1 Blessings on you having a crisp but cosy and boutiful fall.xx

  12. Ah...who wouldn't want a freebie picked by one such as yourself? As for suggestions, might I suggest you wear that little leaf in your hair as often as possible. It's positively delightful!

  13. I love your blogs! I live in Seattle and its always super fun to read about your doings on the islands. I'd love to hear more about how you came to be there--how you set up your place and made it home, a little removed from some of the bustle of places like Seattle, for example. Do you ever miss that bustle, or feel isolated sometimes?

  14. Entering the giveaway for a second time, and another question for you! :) What do you miss the most about Finland?