Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The good evil chicken

I never liked Chacha much. Out of our three chickens she was the one that exhibited least character in the beginning, to the point where she was named months after the others, and before then referred to as "the-generic-white-american-chicken". Chacha was often greedy for food, pushy and prone to giving the hand that feeds the odd peck, if she got the chance.

When she started exhibiting character beyond the need for food, she was very curious, especially about the house and the untold lands beyond the front yard fence. In pursuit of these she was fearless, hopping back onto the porch to peer in trough the windows, even after being chased off with spray from the garden hose. She was the first and best egg-layer, and a leader of expeditions into the garden, the mailbox and the afore mentioned porch. Her favorite foods were termites and rose hips.

Chacha died early this morning in comfy box in our kitchen from what we think now as having been egg-bound for about a week. Had we not been gone for the last four days we might been able to do something for her. I feel sad that her life lasted only one brief summer, though it was a good chicken life. I also wish I had liked her better when she was alive, and that I had been able to help her more in her final days.

I understand that this is a sentimental view of an animal's perhaps inevitable passing, but I'm not a farmer and therefor feel as deeply for our little farm animals as other people do for their pets.

I hope you had a nice summer Chachakin, a nice life, and many delicious termites.

Chacha-kin by you.


  1. Oh poop, egg binding is awful for birds! Poor Chacha, poor you too.

  2. Sad to hear about this. My dad (usa) and brother (uk) both have chickens, so I know how interesting they are, and how attached one gets to them (even to the bullies!)

  3. Aww, pobre chacha :) I get super attached to any little critter that comes my way too. I have yet to have any chickens myself, do the other ones notice she's gone? Are chickens sentimental?

  4. Awww. I always take the death of any animal quite hard. Poor thing.