Saturday, October 31, 2009


It was a two-day Halloween here in my neck of the woods. There was a benefit concert with costumes yesterday, and tonight we are celebrating a birthday party, having a barn dance, and, of course the traditional costumed boogie night at our local.

I was going to go as Frida Kahlo, but then discovered that my friend had the same costume in mind, so C. and I wore rather dashing matching costumes. I was a flapper and he a slightly older-timey gentleman. On actual Halloween I have to go to work, and decided to wear a costume for that too, especially since we were going to get trick-or-treaters.

Or is it a costume, if you're ostensibly going as what you are? Here's my inspiration.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Here before

This is post one of my trip to Vancouver to visit Mali. Her friend Claire did a photo shoot starring her and her roommate Sydney as ghosts on this lovely field a little outside the city.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

I'm going to Vancouver... hang out with my best girl. And together we'll go see these girls.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Faire Maiden

C. and I spent the last weekend at the Okanagan Family Faire, near Tonasket, WA. Barter Faire, as it's commonly known, has been going on for over 35 years, since 1973 (Irene, one of our Island friends has been going for 28 years consecutively!).

While bartering was at times scarce (all too many people seemed to prefer cash), it was definitely an extravaganza of cheap clothes, yummy local organic foods, crazy fire dancing, and for me personally, deliriousness from a head cold that set in just as we got there.

Me and the mountains by you.
To get to Tonasket we passed trough one of our favorite places to visit, the North Cascades. We stopped within view of a spot very special to us, on Diablo Lake at the foot of Sourdough mountain, where the poet Gary Snyder famously watched for fires in the 50s.
The North Cascades by you.

Once we got to the fair there was barely enough time to set up our tent, before the wild rumpus began.
Flying the flag by you.

Island Fire by you.
Thankfully the Island crew was well organized and had a huge fire, because the temperatures were record low at night. Twelve degrees, that is.
Island Fire by you.

Island Fire by you.

During the day us girls looked after our little stall and walked around to see what was on offer. Even sitting down in our stand was great because the people watching was so good. The stall across the street was occupied by some lovely Other Island people and we traded a lot back and worth with its lovely proprietess.

Awesome owner with her storefront by you.

To market, to market by you.

Flower girl by you.

Walking around with C. or the gals was the most fun though. The stalls were treasure troves of things you didn't so much want, as want to admire. The vendors were interesting, wonderful people, many of them sporting great, individual styles to delight the eye. It was definitely a delight to chat with all these amazing characters.

Under the earth flag by you.

Awesome vintage western goods by you.

Ribbons by you.

Horse Patrol by you.

Tree of lights by you.

Eastern exposure by you.

Tiny hula dancer by you.

Booth by you.

Gunne Sack Merchante by you.

The fair takes place in arid, high desert, in a sort of valley on a hillside, and of course we had to, in spite the cold, hike up the see the tent village from above.

Tent Dweller by you.

Overlooking the tent village by you.
(Notice how C. and I are Twins again.)
Peace on earth by you.

Tents as far as the eye could see, happy people, peace on earth and love in the air. What more could you ask for an adventure? (Well, maybe lack of head cold...minor details.)

Laura kissing her boyfriend by you.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Only love is all maroon

Been crying and sneezy by you.
Thank you for your condolences on the untimely (?) passing of Chacha-kin. Now I had a whole other happier post planned for yesterday, and reading your comments, I was delighted to have thought of it.

Especially, when Andrea asked me if chickens themselves are sentimental about their dead friend. I hardly ever reply to comments, mainly because I have limited internets time, and also because I myself never check back to comments I've left on other people's blogs. I do however enjoy reading them, and appreciate my readers.

So, to answer your question Andrea, the black chicken, Harriet Tubman has been looking for Chacha a lot today, coming onto the porch, making the sound they make when talking to each other. I don't think she's necessarily sad, but I think she knows that they were once three and now are two.

As for that other post topic? Well, I am now declaring a giveaway for my beloved readers of both blogs. A package, thrifted by yours truly, can be yours if you give me suggestions, questions, comments, in this post.

You can enter twice by doing the same on my other blog, once I have the time to do a giveaway post there. The winner will be announced on All-Hallows-Eve, and entry closes by midnight the night before (October 30th).

(I have mundo packaging to do so might as well make a day of it. I owe swaps to at least four people. You know who you are. And Christmas comes early when you live faraway.)

Now for Halloween costume planning.

Looking for the birds by you.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The good evil chicken

I never liked Chacha much. Out of our three chickens she was the one that exhibited least character in the beginning, to the point where she was named months after the others, and before then referred to as "the-generic-white-american-chicken". Chacha was often greedy for food, pushy and prone to giving the hand that feeds the odd peck, if she got the chance.

When she started exhibiting character beyond the need for food, she was very curious, especially about the house and the untold lands beyond the front yard fence. In pursuit of these she was fearless, hopping back onto the porch to peer in trough the windows, even after being chased off with spray from the garden hose. She was the first and best egg-layer, and a leader of expeditions into the garden, the mailbox and the afore mentioned porch. Her favorite foods were termites and rose hips.

Chacha died early this morning in comfy box in our kitchen from what we think now as having been egg-bound for about a week. Had we not been gone for the last four days we might been able to do something for her. I feel sad that her life lasted only one brief summer, though it was a good chicken life. I also wish I had liked her better when she was alive, and that I had been able to help her more in her final days.

I understand that this is a sentimental view of an animal's perhaps inevitable passing, but I'm not a farmer and therefor feel as deeply for our little farm animals as other people do for their pets.

I hope you had a nice summer Chachakin, a nice life, and many delicious termites.

Chacha-kin by you.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

To be fair

There's a ring around the moon by you.

I'm still preparing for the fair. I made these hairpins from vintage leather leaves. How much would you pay for one? (I'm hoping to barter obviously, but just to get an idea.)
Leaves by you.

Happy braid Wednesday! See you next week.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

If you are waiting for wedding pics...

You'll have to wait a little longer. It was an amazing party as quotes from wedding guests show:
"Best Wedding party ever!" "An old time Island party!" "Just like Island parties used to be!" "You need to get married every year!" "One of the best parties I've ever been to!"

Thanks for all your well-wishes, I feel like they contributed to the awesomeness of the event. All the love makes the weather behave and people dance, methinks.

Unfortunately what with work, canning and planning for Barter Fair (I'm making clothes, jewellery, and cleaning out some vintage finds to barter), I'm swamped with stuff to do, so bear with me now and look at a this picture of peaceful horsies instead.
Horses by you.