Friday, September 25, 2009

A visit, A Visit (2. Instalment)

More pictures from Missa, Clover and Lucas' visit. Here's us hanging out at the Park. The trailer they borrowed from Lucas' sister was awesome.

Clover climbs by you.

"Papa wanna make a tunnel!" by you.

More Prairie Dresses by you.
Pockets everywhere by you.

Camp site by you.

Cool camping by you.

There isn't much to do on the Island so mostly we ate, hung out and drunk at scenic places and went shopping at the Dump.

We also took them to the farm I used to live at, where Clover saw goats and I coerced the whole family to pose infront of the farmhouse.

Goats! by you.

Mine Baby! by you.
Farmhouse family by you.
They're totally awesome. It was such a pleasure to meet the lovely and amazing Missa for real, and her family are just sweet and funny. Thanks guys for making the trip all the way up here.

Check Missa's blog for more of their adventures. More photos in my flickr


  1. i love these photos. i read both of your lovely blogs. happy wedding!

  2. These pics are great! Yay for the family photo, it's the only one from our trip!

  3. Looks wonderful! My desire to become friends so I can visit myself has been renewed with an intense zeal! I'm so pleased you all had fun.

  4. Aww, so sweet! The wonders of the internet, bringing folks together.

    Milla where exactly is your island?

    We once had the dress Missa is wearing for sale in the shop. I just realized that I'm gonna have to start sending Mycelia's cutest outgrown clothes to Little Miss Clover.

    (Milla dear will you change the link for VF on your sidebar there?)