Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Where No Island Would Go

A few days ago, Mali and I went to visit her friend Elizabeth on one of the other Islands.
She lives in a little, cozy cabin at the foot of a Mountain, with her boyfriend and chickens.

Cabin by you.

The first order of business, of course, was to climb the mountain. While its steep, it was not very tall, and we made it almost to the top in about twenty minutes. The view was well worth a little sweat too.
Blue Hills  by you.

Malski by you.

Dream Catcher by you.
Elizabeth's place is just dreamy, with the little cabins, her chickens and garden, and the power line climbing up the mountain. They have a little boat dock as well, with sail boat to match too. I don't blame her for not wanting to leave it for college come fall...

Ghosts of Electricity by you.

Laundry by you.

We little a tiny bit of shopping too, taking advantage of the more-than-one-shop the village had to offer. Quite a novelty for me, these days. I got this lovely sparkly scarf, to replace all the others I had to leave behind in the big move.

Plaids by you.


  1. It's so gorgeous there! It makes me wish I lived someplace green.

  2. Yes, utterly beautiful. I live in a green place but crave mountains!

    Nice badge by the way ;)


  3. Wow, this place looks and sounds like like a dream! I can see why she would not want to leave!

  4. Beautiful view from the top - well worth the hike for sure.

  5. what beautiful photos! i'm not sure i believe that it's real ;) what a serene, homey spot!

  6. It looks so picturesque! I would love to live somewhere like that one day. It would be great inspiration for writing.

  7. i love these photos...i want to live there too...

  8. another whimsical trip, beautiful photos.
    xo s