Monday, July 6, 2009

White Lace

After a long hot spell, it rained today. C is fixing our boat. I walked in the woods and wrote.
I'm mighty attached to my new lacy vest.
Birds of a feather
Profile pictureand lace


  1. you lead such a charmed life, i cant wait to see more pictures of your garden and animals, and the lace is perfect.
    xo s

  2. the vest is lovely. the cardigan is super cute too!

  3. That wee vest is perfect in every way, I'd be attached to it too!

    By the way, I spent some time getting stuff together for your package today. You know, the one that it seems to be taking me forEVER to send. I have not forgotten, I even added a few more little goodies and got a box to fit it all in, so it shouldn't be too much longer :)

    p.s. sailboat?... yay!

  4. Hello,

    You have a wonderful blog! Beautiful photography.

  5. Lovely outfit! Also, what great spaces in the little house- love the pics. Thought of you when I blogged this book today...

    since I saw your post about baking bread & gardening!

  6. I love your brooch and the lace vest. So cute.