Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Ring Around The Moon

On thursday C. and I went to see Elephant Revival, a new favorite band on one of the other Islands. Before the show we took a quick tour, went to see about a yellow VW bug, and had dinner at an outdoor cafe.

Though we were only gone for half a day, it felt like a mini-vacation. All the Islands, even the ones that the ferry reaches are very different from one and other, having their own geography, demographics, vibes and even climate.

The band, which hails from the exotic sounding Nederland, Colorado, plays a sweet, undefinable mix of blue-grass, traditionals and new folk, alternating melancholy ballads with rowdy dance numbers.

And not only do they play such varied instruments as stand-up base and washboard, but each band member seems to be a gifted multi-instrumentalist, making it possible for them to swap instruments on the go in a wonderful game of kind of musical chairs.

Our favorite was definitely Bonnie Paine who in addition to playing the said stand-up base, washboard, guitar and djembe, also sung and added the eerie sound of saw to a few of the songs.

Playing at an old hall decorated to look like the night-sky, they created a warm, cozy atmosphere, and made our mad dash for the ferry to get there and back all worthwhile.

Check out this awesome version of Sing to the Mountain (partly recorded in a bathroom!)
and the beautiful Ring Around The Moon (performed at the Mystic Hot Springs festival), but most importantly: check out Elephant Revival, should they drive their vegetable oil-powered bus to a town near you.


  1. Ooh, I like them. That sounds like so much fun. Can't wait to get up there and explore the islands!

    p.s. According to my magical UPS tracking #, your package has made its way into WA and should be arriving some time tomorrow :)

  2. you looked as though you could have climbed up there and joined them! i love mini-vacation adventures.

  3. I figured I'd drop by to say hello. I'm surprised I haven't discovered this wonderful little blog of yours sooner! Everything you post here seems almost too real to be real, if that makes sense. :)

  4. I love your hydrangeas! (That is what those flowers are, right?)


  5. i love your blog and thanks for the introduction to such a sweet new band!