Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Little Little House

Happy 4th of July America. Now make love not war, please.

I might just stay in this Independence Day, and watch the zucchini grow in garden from the window of my new study/sewing room/ guest room in the Little Little House.

I'm stocking my pantry with rolls of lace and embroidery thread.
And decorating with Dead Relatives.

Won't you come visit? You'll get the room with the view.


  1. Another lovely sequence of pictures! I love the idea of displaying old pictures and postcards without frames, just scattering them over the place. Your table also looks like the perfect place to write and sew :)

  2. You've made this into such a sweet little space, can't wait to see it for myself :)

  3. i had to post this link on my blog,

  4. I can't even tell you how much I love gunne sax dresses.

  5. Ha! I just showed my husband you in the red Gunne and some other pics of you and he was like "Uh, can we go visit her?" He's as in love as I am :-)