Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Garden Dreams

Excuses for my month-long absence from the blogosphere, W_R, facepoke and internets galore here:
This is my garden. I'm growing lettuce, spinach, tomatoes, radish, beets, kale, chard, squashes and cucumber, and soon there'll be beans and peas too.

Lately it seems, to quote the old Chinese proverb, gardening and tending to the house and hearth, has been the only thing that matters, and on hot days like this, even that doesn't matter that much. 

There is much to be said for the satisfaction of turning the earth, planting the seeds, and nurturing the little seedlings into strong vines, ripe with fruit. 
Then there is the happiness of flowers, being surrounded by blooming beings swaying in the hot air. Columbines that attract the honey bees, buttercups, weed as they may be are just as sweet, and poppies are about to burst open. They will be red like oriental kites.

I was lucky enough to get the flowers as a gift from the gardens previous owner. As form myself I started out with some seeds, a gardener's diary and a Seed Saver's Exchange Catalogue.  
Of course I had a little bit of help from The Homesteader's Handbook and Organic Gardening Magazine Book (Dump finds the both of them).

I also had these here Garden Goddesses to help me. Anonymous woman and a poster of Sophia Loren- a postcard from dear friends who recently visited Portugal.

I have a way of blending in with my flowers. When it gets too hot I run down to the beach for a swim, or go to the front yard to read in the hammock. Life is good and I hope to be sharing it with you on a more frequent schedule. 
So prepare yourself in advance for tomorrow's Special Guest Appearance:

Adieu 'till then.


  1. Oooh! Garden envy! I planted some herbs and things last week, but they're in pots. I love the feel of soil in my hands.

    Anyway, I actually tagged you for a meme earlier today and I called you "m.i.a." because of your absence! http://onfirewithfireflies.blogspot.com/2009/06/myspacing-my-blog.html

  2. Well, it looks as though your time away was well spent. The garden looks like it's coming along amazingly and what a badass you are starting from seed!

    We've got a couple of raised beds going with tomatoes, squash, peppers, beans, and a bunch of herbs but we just went and got starts from the farmers market. It's all looking really good though, it's exciting!

    P.S. You got chicken(s)?!?!

  3. Lovely Photos! They make me wish I was more of a gardener.

  4. mmmm i can smell the flowers from here! i wish i had a garden, my window sill will suffice for now...

  5. lovely post and lovely garden! sounds like paradise over there :)
    have you found good sources of information on collecting the seeds? will you try that this fall?

  6. swimming in the ocean and reading in a hammock...yep...sounds like a good life recipe to me.