Friday, May 1, 2009

Happy Mayday!

It's another Mayday come again,
goodbye to the rains of April,
another Mayday come again,
and we dance around the Maypole!

It's the holiday of pagans
and the holiday of labour
and we merry meet on the mountaintop 
and praise the Creator!

So pass the jug of wine
and pass the honey mead!
Pass the pipe around again,
petals snow from the cherry tree...

(It goes on but gets a wee dirty)

Listening to: Mayday by Casey Neill 


  1. You have a beautiful life :)

  2. happy belated mayday to you too!

    you look adorable if i may say so.


  3. fresh faced and pretty, you look straight from a watercolor. do i spy a tattoo on you..? i want to seeee!
    xo s

  4. Whoa, WAIT, I'm soooooo behind! You're living on San Juan now? And shopping at the Thriftstore, MY thriftstore????? This is too much!!