Thursday, April 2, 2009

Spring finds

According to my mycelium-mad husband it is morel-season. These little guys aren't them though. 
As a-matter-of- fact I haven't found any of them yet. I have, however, found great thrifted things to decorate my house with.

I've found birds and houses.

(Remember this book?)

 This little bear live in the Finnish woods that my lovely friends gave me as a going-away-present.
Also, since hubby thrifted this board, I'm thinking of making like Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes, and getting a house spirit...

And while thrifting for household items, I also discovered these Gunne Sax and Folkwear patterns. The thriftstore lady was quite excited by the latter. Edwardian underwear is definitely my next project.
A pair of long drawers would go well with this outfit don't you think?

A native mushroom container found at the Big Island thriftstore, with a this lovely blue top.

Not to mention these Frye Boots! 

Now I just have to find mushrooms, mushrooms, mushrooms...


  1. Hey, I HAVE that exact folkwear pattern... Edwardian underthings! Lucas' mom was getting rid of some old patterns awhile back and I took that one in hopes that one day I would magically be able to whip out a pair of those long drawers!

    The apron looks so perfect with the birds, love those colors :D

    Hugs and happy hunting my dear!

  2. wow, nice finds, i can't believe you found such an old pattern AND Frye boots? I'd say that's pretty good thriftering :)

  3. i love your owl poster surrounded by the houses! perfect line drawing collage...
    i always look forward to your forest photos.
    xo s

  4. Hi!I love your blog, makes me wish I was away from it all!I have tagged you for '7 things you may not know about me'. Sorry if you have done it before!

  5. My daughter has a string of birdies with beads (just like these) hanging in her room. They're called her "lucky chickens" - a name that pleases me.

  6. i just discovered your blog and its wonderful! happy easter! xo

  7. I really like all your forest pictures - and those are some cute thrifted finds!

  8. Hello there! I have been following your blog for awhile but never commented, but I do so enjoy all of your posts!! I hope you don't mind but I gave you a bit of a shout out on my blog today, and a link. :)

  9. I LOVE youre blog. And I know you will love this swedish blog too