Monday, April 20, 2009


Ever since the amazing Anja posted about morels, I've just been dying to go find some. So this weekend, husband and I headed into certain mossy, hillocked woods.

My mushroom-hunting outfit.

C with some of our finds.

Morels aren't the only interesting thing in the woods. We found many other funny-looking mushrooms, as well as these orchids, which often point the way to a good morel-spot.

I also discovered this hollow tree behind our house. It's very old and surrounded by other trees similarly singed by a long-ago fire.

We were excited to try our bounty, and the pasta dish C made of it turned out to be delicious. Suffice to say that food tastes a thousand times more wonderful when you walked around the woods for hours looking for it. We shall certainly go back for more next week. Now, if only this nice water would turn into some mushroom-inducing rain...

(all photos by C. Prince)


  1. hi! wow, i love your mushroom hunting posts, they're so lovely. it looks like you live in such a magical place. your blog captures it perfectly, i really enjoy reading it :). cheers!

  2. what an enchanting mushroom-laden forest, i'm green with envy ;)
    love the photos!!
    xo s

  3. Your island looks like a fairy tale setting. It's so dreamy!

  4. Oh, awesome finds! I was a bit too early the other week, but I bet there are some around now! I want some riiiight now!

  5. Wow, those morels look both pretty and yummy! How amazing to have such a beautiful mossy wonderland right in your own backyard *sigh*

    I can't wait to come visit!
    Nothing definite yet but there's been talk recently of doing a road trip up north in early September, I'll let you know more when I get a spare moment to email :D

  6. I'm super jealous! Morels, around here, can only be harvested for 2-3 days... & at the farmer's market this past weekend, they were selling them for $50 a lb.

  7. That's so cool that you can collect edible mushrooms nearby! I took some photos of toadstools in my garden awhile back, but they are most definitely not edible.