Monday, April 27, 2009


As Missa so cleverly pointed out, in response to my previous post, hat-ire could easily be something akin to road-rage. I like to think though, that rather than annoyance with hats, it might be more like hat-envy. Which is what you'll be experiencing when you see these images of our new off-Island hat acquisitions. 

While many of the dear vintage fashion blogs I follow, are all a-twitter about the straw boater,  I'm here to remind you that hat-ire comes in a variety of colors and shapes. Observe:
My favorite thrifting and hobo-ing partner Mali, in her new straw summer hat (made of 100% paper according to label)
Bowler-esque f21 super-clearance hat (at $ 2.99 it's the first thing I've bought in a store in 10 months).
A perfect hippie number from Value Village ($ 4.99 and worth every individual penny!).

Hats it 'till next time (bad hat-puns apparently ensue...)!


  1. Oh man, I am full-on hat-ire-ing that last hippie number! Did it come with the feathers or did you add those? I've been searching for a floppy 70's sun hat lately.

    P.S. I recently came across a hat that said it was made of 100% paper too, weird huh? It doesn't feel like paper.

  2. i am so fond of hats and i just love that brown one with the feather!

  3. what a sharp bowler!! its quite agreeable with you, i think ;) f21 comes through once in a while, but you certainly have to dig through a heap of lame jersey tunics to get to it...
    xo s!