Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Gluttony and Other Paintings

I received this amazing book (and bag!) from my friend Mali. Milk Teeth is a collection of drawings by Vancouver artist Julie Morstad.

This particular one is my favorite. 


There's something very calming about these images, yet some of them are quite disturbing. Morstad often portrays young women and girls, sometimes beautiful, sometimes deformed, or hiding behind manes of rather Ring-esque hair. Still, even when they awake with hairy tentacles instead of arms, these girls seem oddly laissez-fair about their own strangeness. 

Morsted's images are both richly layered and light. They contain fine detail, yet have a naivistic simplicity about them. 

Personally, I found some of her paintings resonated with me deeply, particularly "Gluttony" (pictured above), as well as portraits of girls using their hair as scarves and having bees buzz in and out of their head.  If you are into print art, or children's books, I recommend picking up this nuanced (and at $ 12.99 very affordable) artist. 

Thanks Mali (a future artist and illustrator herself)!

Mali at the Art Store during our recent Seattle sojourn.


  1. Gluttony = Ompelukerho meeting on Aino's couch <3

  2. they remind me of marcel dzama! i love them...
    xo s

  3. No freaking WAY!!!

    I just came across this book last week while browsing through a local indie book shop and I LOVE it. I couldn't believe how cheap it was either.

    The crazy part is I was actually thinking about getting one for you, haha! I'm glad you posted this or I probably would have, I still think I'll go back and get one for myself though ;)

  4. Thanks for this; these are wonderful.