Friday, March 20, 2009

A huntin' we will go

With longer days bringing more sunlight, small growing things begin to appear.

Nettles, for instance, make a marvelous tea. They can be used as soup greens, and in baking the same way spinach is. C has a great method for harvesting these prickly little guys:

Take a jar and a pair of scissors with you on your gathering expedition. Clip the tender ends of the nettles directly into the jar. They are the most delectable part. 

The woods behind the house.


Hope to see you in the woods...


  1. i love your little plot of land! i wish i had my own forest... your rose scarf is darling, goes with your rosy cheeks ;)
    happy weekend!
    xo s

  2. I wish i had your life. Love the blog. xx

  3. lovely, you are absolutely beautiful!
    as are all of your posts/photographs.

  4. Aw, what an adorable lil' woodland creature you are with your nettle picking basket and your lovely flowing scarf. You are making me miss living in the woods!

  5. You are lovely, beautiful blogs!!!! Kisses from Spain,