Sunday, March 15, 2009


With a single thrift shoppe, and nary a garage sale in sight during these final winter days, thrifting can be a bit of a challenge out here. Luckily there's the amazing, magical Mall to visit, and the thrift store happens to be a good one.

The Mall, a subject of a later post to be sure, is also known as The Dump, which is a far more descriptive name, since that's what it is: a take-it-or-leave-it, at the Island garbage disposal place. 

Thus far the Mall has giveth this pair of Keds:
Free Keds by you.

This cool 70s book.

This ah-mazing 70s mug.

This short and stout little teapot. Made in Finland.

This 50s Juniors dress.

And that my friends is hardly all at all...

There's also the off-Island thrift store, which I visited recently, an aside on our quest for Thai-food, books and yarn. The boat ride takes from forty minutes to and hour and half, but it is much fun, there's beautiful scenery and you can see seals, otters (like I did), and even orcas, if you're lucky.

On The Boat by you.
On the Boat again.

Mt. Baker from the boat.

Mole by you.
Passing the boat-time.

Big Island Mural by you.

Off-Island, as mentioned previously, has many things our Island doesn't, like a movie theatre, a yarn store and a used bookstore which, I love. None of those places however, compare to the Thriftstore.

While there, I hit the shoe jackpot. Wicked Laura Ingalls boots, a cowboy-ish pair, little mexican booties to wear in the house, as well as comfy indoor-mocs, and a pair of hiking shoes to boot.

Laura Ingalls Shoes by you.

100% Thrifted Happiness! by you.
All items thrifted.

More thrifty stories coming soon. Watch this space. 'till then: Happy Thrifting!


  1. The Dump/Mall sounds like such a magical place! I have been quite jealous of it for some time now ;) You have looked radiant in all of your pics since moving to the island, and your last outfit pic is quite to die for.

  2. woah. those boots are awesome!

  3. Ok, this Dump of yours has officially become like this place that I need to one day make a thrift pilgrimage to. Such bounty! Also, not a bad commute to the off-island thrift store either I'd say ;)

    The island seems to be agreeing with you, as megan said, you really are looking quite radiant of late! Many hugs!

  4. How did that pot travel all the way there? Maybe Myy sailed in it?

    And from previous post still...that cage&bird is amazing! Pairs well with the lock&key :)

  5. Oh, I wish I could find a place like that too! it seems that all the thrift store I find in the city are often as expensive as regular store and when I go to the least expensive ones, I can never something I like. You definitely have a eye for thrifting!


  6. a well earned high-five from me to you on all your blue treasures*
    i love the cover of the architecture book, are there more ink drawings inside?
    xo s

  7. all those shoes! every city needs a place like Your Mall :D