Thursday, February 12, 2009

A little house

The eponymous house in question is located on Island, WA, in the County Park where my husband works; and it is this log's intention to chronicle our lives there.

In all honesty, I should really call it "The Little House Across the Street from the Parking Lot", but this alternate title is simply too long, and decidedly too pedestrian. The house, with its two cozy rooms, porch, front yard, and separate garden, does in fact, overlook both the park's parking lot, and our little nook of the pacific ocean..

And what does it look like, this nook? Something like this, I'd say:

Junior Junior House by you.
This by the way, is not the actual Little House, but the Little Little House, which is in the backyard. 

Our Bay by you.
A state ferry in the distance. (Photo by C. Prince)

Hills And Beaches by you.
Madrona trees. (Photo by C. Prince)
.Beach by you.
(photo by C. Prince)

The park extends beyond the beach into a bit of old growth forest. There's sweet trails to wander, a little creek, and a seemingly endless thicket of Salal bushes. People get to camp right along that beach, with awesome views. Not too shabby a vacation spot in my humble opinion. (Don't be fooled though, that tropical looking water does not get warm even at the height of summer.)

Across the strait is Nun Island, another one of the four main islands in the Archipelago.  State ferries pass between the two islands almost hourly, and at night their big floating bulks glow in the dark, like apartment buildings, or lit-up whales sailing by.

Birds and the Beach by you.
(Photo by C. Prince)

The beach is strewn with shells and odd-shaped driftwood logs, not to mention all kinds of weird things discarded by the tide; bits of docks, trash, sea-glass, unexpected treasure, coils of kelp coiled  around each other like giant, amorous snakes. 

Never in my life have I lived this close to the sea, and I have to say; it may turn me into an old wish-wife yet, as evidenced below.
Fish Wife by you.
(Photo By C. Prince) 

Not to worry: I only smoke liquorice. A-hoy 'till next week! 

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Here we are now

and you can read all about it here.

Photo by hubby.